Eye –Eye with ‘Un Bon Home’ gallery and Milcote House presents




Matt Welch, Hannah Stearn, Sarah McNulty, Mary Hurrell, Chooc Ly Tan, Gary Woodley, Angharad Williams, Beth Collar, Steve Bishop, William May Robinson, Flore Nové-Josserand, Eddie Farrell, Alaena Turner, Sophie Lee, Matthew Musgrave, Katharine Eastman, Sol Archer, Phoebe Blatton, Ben Burgis, Joe Crowdy, Ben Newton, Richard Sides, Thorbjørn Andersen, Steffen Levring, Luis Mondejar, Connie Butler, Andrew Munks

Milcote House is a home and artists’ workspace, housing 9 artists, several studios and a gallery.

The exhibition takes as a starting point the multiple and layered identity of the house, which reflects the multiple and layered output of artists: sometimes producing artworks for exhibitions, sometimes studying the world or setting up interesting situations, sometimes collecting beautiful and eclectic things or decorating spaces and sometimes doing nothing.

The exhibition will mostly take place in the new gallery space, in the dining room/kitchen and in the shower. The dining room/kitchen will remain functional during the exhibition and the gallery space, which is our ex-lounge, will be fitted with furniture and arranged as a staged living room, in keeping with the tension of real/represented, social/artistic, domestic/aesthetic antinomies which are the crux of the show.

The show will contain a mixture of autonomous artworks, site-specific pieces and experimental events.


BOOK a 30-minute SHOWER in the new pimped-up extraordinary multisensory shower painting. Custom made towels provided.


Friday 24th October, 2014: 6pm to 11pm

** Grand Opening **

Come launch the show and have a drink. Bring your friends!


Saturday 25th October, 2014: Show opens 12pm to 11pm

* 7pm: * Performances and events*

  •   Gary Woodley, Alaena Turner and Eddie Farrell will present an audio-visual menu.
  • Eddie Farrell will perform an improvised conjuring act with fruit
  • Alaena Turner will make an experimental limited edition sausages.
  • Hannah Stearn will fry up some house insects
  • House cocktails will be served in special edition Milcote House mugs made by Beth Collar and Sophie Lee, including: the Milcote Shake, Elf Shit and Bistro-mis-o-rry


Sunday 26th October, 2014: Show opens 12pm to 6pm

* 7pm: * Screenings*

  • ‘Death Comes Home to Farm’ * Sol Archer * 30 min
  • “To Clear The Bush of Your Garden’ Richard Sides and Steve Bishop * 14min
  • ‘Sugar, Protein and Salt (trailer) * Sophie Lee * 2 min
  • ‘Let Me Assume That You Are Reading This On Earth’ * Chooc Ly Tan * 2 min
  • ‘Home’ An adaptation of JG Ballard’s “The Enormous Space” * Richard Curson Smith * 60 min

* 9pm: * Screenings*

  • La Grande Bouffe * Marco Ferreri * 130 min



Flore Nové-Josserand:  07738 290 987 /

Thorbjørn Andersen: 0796 242 3849 /






The hallway to the kitchen was bright, with windows on both sides, and a sun shone on each side, for Colin loved light. There were carefully polished brass faucets more or less everywhere. The suns played with the faucets and produced magical effects. The kitchen mice loved dancing to the sound of the shock from the sunbeams on the faucets, and they ran after the little balls that the beams formed upon pulverizing themselves on the floor, like spurts of yellow mercury. On his way through the corridor, Colin pet a mouse – she had very long black whiskers, she was gray and thin and had a miraculous luster – and the chef fed them very well without letting them get too fat. The mice made no noise during the day and played only in the hallway.



Colin chose a clear blue tablecloth that matched the rug. In the middle of the table he set a centerpiece consisting of a formaldehyde jar in which two chicken embryos seemed to be mimicking Nijinsky’s choreography of Le Spectre de la Rose. Surrounding it, a few strips of mimosa branches: a gardener of one of his friends obtained this by crossbreeding bushes of ordinary mimosa with the ribbons of black licorice that one finds in a dry goods store after leaving class. Then, for each of them, he took out two white porcelain plates crisscrossed with transparent gold, stainless steel silverware with openwork design handles inside each of which a stuffed ladybug, isolated between two plates of Plexiglas, brought luck. He had just finished these preparations when the buzzer detached itself from the wall to come and announce Chick’s arrival.




text by Boris Vian